“Hard rock seldom gets as precise and punk-rock spastic, all at once, as Seattle duo Dirty Dirty. Lead singer/bassist/founder Ian Forester’s voice roves between gothic crooning and unhinged screams. And his heavy but versatile bass finds an ideal foil in drummer Drew Shreve, whose rhythms thunder like a neanderthal pummeling out free jazz licks. It’s a wall of hooks and noise that fights categorizing to a great extent. Whatever the hell it is, it rocks.

The band’s sound is well-served on this recent Den Tapes release. “Emotional Whatever Things” is a blast of ripsaw anger that careens through its minute and 52 seconds like a school bus plummeting down a ravine. “The Ladder” hurtles post-punk mud and shrapnel at a re-recording of one of the band’s early tracks, and Forester’s operatic vocals turn their cover of PJ Harvey’s “Oh My Lover” into an epic gutter-metal anthem. The band’s full-length debut is reportedly around the bend, and if it’s anywhere near this exhilarating, it’ll be one hell of a ride.” -Tony Kay ( Artist Home, City Arts )

New single “Emotional Whatever Things” out now!

“It’s heavy, dirty, raw, and rocking, and performed by just two people. Yeah, you read that right; Dirty Dirty is a duo, known for having the loudest rhythm section in Seattle (a statement we definitely agree with). The listening experience is visceral and furious; I felt like I was being propelled forward with every crash of the cymbals, thundering kick of the drums, and scathing guitar riffs.

If Left Bank had a rating, Dirty Dirty would get five stars. So good.”

- Luci Turner ( Left Bank Mag )

”When you create a song that sounds like it could be from any of the past 5 decades you’re either doing something very wrong or very right. Dirty Dirty are luckily doing the latter and with ‘Emotional Whatever Things’ absolutely nailing the high-intensity, almost pandemonic nature of garage rock. The bass driven track features highly punk-inspired vocals and ventures from a modern fuzz-rock style to classic metal inspired in such a small period of time. This is a statement of a song and a great intro to a band with huge potential.”

- Dan Hemming ( Mind Noise Network )

 With progressive, fuzzy rock weirdness and vocals capable of inciting madness, two piece rock group Dirty Dirty exploded on to the scene in 2015 with their self-titled debut EP. What I find most remarkable about the group is that they are skilled enough to impress prog rock fans and other musicians, but within the context of actual songs… the kind of songs stick with music fans of all stripes, even after they’re done nodding along with band’s technical acumen.

 – Tim Basaraba ( Nada Mucho )

Dirty Dirty ] bashes out a mutant fusion of garage-punk and groove-infused metal with a sturdy two-dude configuration, highlighted by bassist Ian Forrester’s Freddie Mercury-gone-art-punk vocals. 

- Tony Kay ( City Arts / The SunBreak )

Dirty Dirty is one of the most interesting bands in Seattle. Their brand of post-punk fusion is unique and refreshing, and their songs absolutely kill. This is a “must see” band.

- Gary Horn ( Nada Mucho, Northwest Music Scene)

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